People Matter: Why Creating Networks Is Important

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It is understandable that the university is a place for higher learning so you’d want to do just that but you really can’t spend some years in school not engaging yourself in the societal aspect of college.

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Joining clubs, visiting study partners, going to parties and even saying a simple “hello” to people are beneficial because it builds networks for future purposes. Let’s share with you four reasons why building networks is important

Job Opportunities

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Believe it or not, those you meet during your university days are going to be the CEOs, MDs, HRMs etc of tomorrow. That kind gesture you showed your flatmate could be your ticket to the corporate world. Be nice!


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Now, the university community includes lecturers, administrators, student representatives etc all whom we tend to forget to associate with because they’re not in our circle. Well, university students sometimes need referrals from accomplished people in their fields and this could be from your lecturer or an administrator. Sometimes even scholarship opportunities require some sort of referral, so make an extra effort to know people.

Perspective and advice

No man is an island! Sometimes we need friends and colleagues to give us fresh perspectives about issues. That advice from coursemates could be just what you need to succeed. Two heads are definitely better than one!

More expertise and knowledge

Collaborating with people on projects is always an avenue to learn more and stack knowledge we previously may not have had. This also gives way for you to become well versed in your field from the experiences that it may bring.

So, when you’re walking down the halls to and fro class, say hi to someone, tutor someone who needs help, greet your lecturers and professors and if you can make it, accept invitations to gatherings. Networking is a gold mine, and your future self will thank you!

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