Hardship Funds: What Are They?

Many schools abroad understand the various hardships that students go through, many of which are unforeseen and unplanned so they allow their students  to apply for hardship funds.

Just like its name, hardship funds may be available to help you through a difficult period. This is not a stipend and may not be enough to cover tuition or accommodation expenses but they’re extra money to help you cover some petty expenses you didn’t plan for during the course of the semester ranging from $100-$500/ £600 depending on the school, money available and needs. This fund comes from mostly charitable donations voluntarily provided by school affiliated entities, religious bodies, past and present students, organizations, or persons who want to assist students facing unexpected financial challenges. Because the fund is comprised of donations, there is no guarantee that there will be funds available at a given time.

Speak to your school scholarship officer on ways to access hardship funds if they are available. Before applying, make sure you’re a recognized student of the school without any disciplinary case records or university violations and know that the granting of such funds are at the discretion of the university board or scholarship/ grant/ aid  council. 

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