ECP Tuition Scholarship, Santa Clara University

ECP Tuition Scholarship, Santa Clara University

Scholarship Description: The School of Education and Counseling Psychology offers a variety of tuition and endowed scholarships for currently enrolled and newly admitted students.

Deadline: October 10, 2017   Awards: Undisclosed

Amount: Varies.

Eligibility: International students may apply for a tuition scholarship. Non-degree students are not eligible for the scholarship). Must have a completed application submitted to one of our programs. Currently, enrolled students may apply for a full year scholarship award for each academic year. Please note, if you missed the application deadline, you may still apply and be considered for a quarterly award if funding still exists

How to Apply: See website for more details

Award Notification: See website for more details.

Contact Information: For full details, visit

Index: US, FS, PS, FT, PT, GEN

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