5 Reasons Why You Didn’t Win That Scholarship

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You’re constantly checking your mail for that one notification and then it comes in. You’re tensed yet you’re hopeful because you know you did everything right

Dear Applicant, we’re sorry…”

This is enough to break you and make you give up on your study abroad dreams but don’t worry. Don’t give up just yet! You probably are doing your best but your best isn’t what academic counselors are looking for.

Let’s help you with 5 reasons why you probably didn’t win that scholarship even though you put in so much effort.

Reality CheckYou Just Don’t Qualify

A little reality is good for everyone. We all would love to go to Ivy League institutions but hey, not all of us are Ivy League materials per their standards. Some scholarship schemes require straight A’s, others require only students from specific countries , others are looking for students studying for specific programs so the chances of you getting selected is zero! Read scholarship requirements very well and make sure you qualify before applying.

Deadlines Are There For A ReasonApply Within Time!

Scholarships have different deadlines and it is paramount that you apply within the date set. Applicants who apply after deadline automatically aren’t qualified.Submitting late too is just a minus. Early applications are important.

You Didn’t Answer The Question

Most scholarship schemes pose hypothetical questions to applicants to test their knowledge and abilities about a specific subject matter. Research and read more to be able to answer questions in the right manner or you’d have typed pages of deviation.

Your Scholarship Essay Wasn’t Catchy Enough

With a lot of applicants, you really have to capture the board’s attention with a killer essay. Once again, research, read, have it proofread and write with your own unique perspective: standing out is better than blending in! No copy and paste from the internet.

Your Application Was Full of Errors

Sometimes you check all the boxes but then, in rush or out of sheer human errors,  applicants overlook certain aspects of their applications which is a No-No. Submit all appropriate documents, check spelling and grammar and make sure your application is error free- you can never be too careful.

We’re not saying these steps are foolproof but they’re a step towards the right direction. You might want to consider them! 

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