5 Biggest Post Graduation Fears And Dealing With Them

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We’re almost at the period where most students will be graduating from various universities after years of studying for some form of degree, diploma, masters etc and everyone entertains some fear at this point.

The what-ifs? The did-I’s? The who or what will’s? Here are 5 biggest post graduation fears and how to handle them.

GPA fears

This has to be one of the biggest fears in final year. Just after your course ends, most final year students get frantic over their GPA. Did I do well? Is my GPA enough to get me a better graduating class? Did I get enough A’s? Why didn’t I learn more? At this point, you should know all is done. Just concentrate on the courses left, put in your best efforts and know that you did your best. Classes might be important for further education but not as important in the job market, you’ll find. You’re better off having more work experience and hands on knowledge.

Work experience fears

Most final year students find out at the last minute that having some sort of work experience while in school is really important. The internships, volunteer work etc all pays off at this point. However, if you don’t have any, don’t worry. You can start volunteering and interning after school before you hit the job market.

Job hunting fears

There is a lot of fears concerning acquiring a decent job after school. The stories most people hear, the struggle they see friends and family go through to find a decent job is enough to get them panicking. How about you cross that bridge when you get there? Just because your friend or family member struggled to get a decent paying job doesn’t mean you won’t find one.

Personal doubts

For some, they have personal doubts. Did I make the most of my university education? Did I build enough networks? Did I even enjoy what I was studying? What am I taking from this experience? Relax! Things have a way of working themselves out if you put in your best effort and take it easy.

Postgraduate studies fears

The fear to get a suitable scholarship, fellowship, internship etc is also valid. Yes, there are hordes of students graduating. There are also hordes of scholarship opportunities fit for every need and course. You’ll be fine.

We hope you make the best out of the remaining months or year you have left! The world is ready for you!

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