Can an internship end your job search woes?

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Landing that perfect job is getting tougher every day. Of course, you can be the most brilliant student in your class, but that alone won’t land you a job, let alone take you to the peak of your career.

Think about this – you’re a hiring manager in a fortune 500 company with 2 comparable candidate CVs on your desk. Which of these two applicants will you consider? The applicant with excellent grades? Or the one with good grades and some work experience in the industry?

To be candid, the second applicant will get the job.

Why not the first applicant? The answer is simple. Becoming the best in your workplace requires three things – knowledge, skills, and experience.  Combining your formal education with the skills and experience from a graduate internship is a great formula for career success.

There is no better way to become the best in your career than to first enroll in an internship. The internship experience allows you to learn new ideas and also observe the new processes in your field.  As a newbie in your chosen field, you can broaden your horizon and further experiment some techniques in a low stakes position.

Internships have become the new interview. For highly competitive industries such as Tech, Law, and Finance, they allow you to demonstrate your skills. Put those theories from Law  It into action!

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Why an Internship is a great entry point into your dream careers :

  1. Internships are more centered on what you can do and not just what you know.
  2. Employers spend time in training and developing your skills and may be less critical of your inexperience.
  3. Low stakes way to enter an industry or switch careers. Many organisations do not demand extensive experience, in order to undertake an internship.
  4. An internship can make you the best candidate for such position and ultimately land you a permanent job.
  5. More and more companies are offering paid internships and although the remuneration may not be much, it tends to cover your transportation and a little stipend.

If you are torn between sitting at home watching series and taking up an internship (even with little remuneration) hopefully, we have been able to show you the merits of going with option number 2!

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