3 Quick Ways to make money online as a student

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Let’s face it. Being a student is not pocket-friendly. Cash is usually tight, and thanks to exams, presentations and school activities, there is very little time left to build a fully-fledged money-making business.

Do you know you are holding serious cash in your hand right now? A legitimate business opportunity you could start today is just at your fingertips.
Start freelancing and become your own boss. Skills like coding, writing, photography, designing, sales, and customer service are in high demand on these platforms. With several well established freelance platforms you can start working for clients in the USA, UK, Canada or right where you are.

There are usually no upfront fees, and the added bonus is that you are paid in Dollars or Pounds for the work you do. It is flexible and viable. Ready to start making that money?

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PropelED’s top 3 legit websites for freelancing.
1.Upwork: with over 1.5 million clients, Upwork (formerly Odesk) is one of the most popular platforms, meaning loads of work. See www.upwork.com
2. Fiverr: Every gig starts from $5. Popular with startups. See www.fiverr.com
3.People Per Hour: UK based company with global users. See www.peopleperhour.com

Before you start;
• Endeavour to create an outstanding profile and proposal. It is your shop window and potential clients will decide within a few seconds if they should work with you or another freelancer.
• These websites offer several free tests you can take to showcase your skills. Start by taking the English language test, clients find this valuable as it tells communicate won’t be a problem.
• Verify your phone number and other details. At the end of the day the potential client must be able to trust you.

Still got your phone? Now is a good time to start!

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